Gleneagles Hotel Wedding Video

Gleneagles Hotel Wedding Film

Ever since I first started my video production business I knew I wanted to provide a high-end service. Apart from the immense personal satisfaction that comes from producing some of the absolute highest quality cinematic wedding films in Scotland I also tend to attract a lot of clients who get married at truly mind-blowing venues. Over the years I have had the pleasure of filming weddings all over Scotland at many unique and beautiful venues which I would have probably never discovered otherwise which is always a lovely surprise but when a booking came in booking came in for a wedding at the world-famous Gleneagles Hotel I was very excited due to the venues reputation.

I met the couple at Muthill Parish Church for their rehearsal which I immediately knew was going to be a perfect venue for a wedding video. It has a nice drive way lined by trees which would allow for some great establishing shots. Inside there is a balcony that is accessible at the back and both sides allowing me some great angles cameras during the ceremony.

Gleneagles Hotel Wedding Film

The couple was really nice and I just got one of those vibes that this was going to be a fantastic wedding! After the rehearsal I nipped over to Gleneagles Hotel to check the place out and have a look at the rooms I would be filming in. I really believe in visiting venues and meeting couples before the big day to allow me to visualise things and start mentally planning my approach and possible shots that might otherwise be missed in the rush of the wedding day.

When I arrived at Gleneagles Hotel I found a parking space between a Porche and a Bentley, I like to think I’m a careful driver but I’ll admit I was extra, extra careful parking on this occasion! Walking up to the main entrance I could tell this was going to be an incredible venue and I was getting very excited about what I would discover inside. The place is very grand and elegant but what blew me away was not what I expected, it was the staff. I was greeted straight away and I could see there was plenty of staff around to cater to all the guests which is instantly very reassuring. However it was their conduct, helpfulness and ability to sense when you needed them that was truly outstanding. I was shown around and the place really is just amazing, I can’t say it enough! As I mentioned I have been to many 5 star venues all across Scotland but I have to say Gleneagles Hotel is on another level and a huge part is the staff, they are something else!

Gleneagles Hotel Wedding Video

The morning of the wedding was beautiful, the sun was shining and really couldn’t have been better, equipped with my Ray Bans I was very excited about the days events to come. I stopped just on the edge of Muthill to grab a great shot of the Church in its surroundings which were gorgeously bathed in brilliant sunshine. I captured all my slick cinematic shots to set the scene as usual a few hours before the guests were due to arrive and there was a fantastic surprise as Gleneagles delivered two absolutely huge floral bouquets, the biggest I have seen and as soon as I saw them I knew they would give me a great spot to hide out of view during the ceremony! I like to shoot in an unobtrusive manner so I’m always identifying locations that will not only give me a great shot but keep me as out the way and as hidden as possible.

Gleneagles Hotel Wedding Film

The ceremony went perfectly and the groom – as is very common, got a bit choked up during the vows! Some men get embarrassed by it but from the wedding video side of things obvious emotions are fantastic and I’m always happy to see a little tear in this situation! I have to say a special thank you to the minster at Muthill Parish who was very friendly and accommodating of me, not that I’ve ever had issues but it’s nice when someone says ‘You just do your thing!’ – I appreciate the trust.

Gleneagles Hotel Wedding Video

Post ceremony it was on to Glen Eagles for the reception. The guests boarded a vintage red bus to make the commute which has made an appearance at quite a number of the weddings I have filmed. If you’re interested in having the red vintage bus at your wedding check out their website here –

Gleneagles Hotel Wedding Film

I raced ahead to make sure I was ready to capture the vintage red bus carrying the guests coming down the drive and arriving at the main entrance of Glen Eagles. I really didn’t want to miss it by trying to find a parking space so I dumped the car at the front of the building and got in position with my camera. I’m glad I did as it wasn’t far behind me and I got some fantastic shots of the guests getting off the bus. I knew the staff wouldn’t want my Peugeot parked at the front of the venue but I asked if I could leave it there for 10 mins so I could follow the wedding party inside and not miss the first drinks and congratulations. They offered to park it for me which I have to admit I was reluctant as there was some empty crisp packets on the passenger seat but I was assured by the staff that just because people have super expensive cars it doesn’t mean they keep them clean! This is the first time I’ve had my car parked for me and I’ll admit it made me feel a little like a VIP.

Gleneagles Hotel Wedding Film

Gleneagles Hotel Wedding Film

I have to note that the photographer was absolutely fantastic at this wedding, his name was Steven from Parallel 57. I have shot so many wedding films now and worked alongside so many photographers I can get a feeling within a minute or two whether they are a good photographer or not and straight away I was getting the good vibes from Steven. He is very enthusiastic, friendly and you can just tell the passion he has for his craft. When I got home and looked up his work I was very impressed, his photography is absolutely fantastic and I would definitely put him in my top five photographers I have worked alongside which is a huge statement as I’ve worked with so many.

Gleneagles Hotel Wedding Video

Gleneagles Hotel Wedding Film

One last thing I’ll mention about the day which was a huge highlight was going up to the roof to capture a little photo shoot with the bride & groom. The roof terrace had exclusive access from the bride & grooms suite which was just mind-blowing. It was on the turret directly above the main entrance which looked straight down the drive and gave absolutely breath-taking views across the Perthshire countryside. It’s not a view that many will be lucky enough to experience due to the exclusive access but I got some great shots up there and was just in awe the whole time!

Gleneagles Hotel Wedding Video

I can safely say if you’re planning or have booked your wedding at Gleneagles Hotel you are in for a real treat and the experience of a lifetime.

Please take the time to watch the highlights from this Gleneagles Hotel wedding video below.

Gleneagles Hotel Wedding Film

I can’t wait to shoot another wedding film at Gleneagles Hotel.  If you’re having a wedding at Gleneagles Hotel and are interested in having a cinematic wedding film to remember your big day, please get in touch as I’d love to hear from you!

You can view up to date sample videos and get more information on my website here.

You can get more information on Gleneagles Hotel here.

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2 responses to “Gleneagles Hotel Wedding Video

  1. Elaine Sedge

    Beautiful in every way, this was the highlight of 2012 for us, thank you for all your hard work in producing this amazing reminder of a day we will cherish forever seeing our Son marry our beautiful Daughter In Law.
    Elaine Sedge

    • Thanks Elaine and I’m so glad the day was such a great success for everyone! It really was a fantastic day and truly one of my own highlights of 2012 too!

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